With Roycher Construction’s professional project management service we can ensure that the completion of a project on hand will be successful in its objectives, which brings together a service that is both organised and professional. Our engineers will plan your potential project with minutest of details being analysed thoroughly.

Getting a project finished on time is the one major concern to the variety of people involved with it, that is why it is imperative that professional project management services are required before the project begins. The project management involves a huge range of professionals to take part such as the engineers & contractors. It is in Roycher Construction’s best interests that the completed project is handed over to its owner within the right time-frame.

Engineering Project Management
The control of the projects budget is also very important to Roycher Construction. The planning behind the budget is to ensure we stay within the boundaries of the required amount.

Project Management Services
Again, Roycher Construction’s services in project management include the following:

>- Risk Management
>- Design Management
>- Planning & Program Management
>- Full Project Management

Our project managers have full access to a great range of resources that are vital to planning a project to the very best of their abilities

Construction Project Manager
What does the project manager do? Project managers are responsible for the day to day planning & coordination for the construction of building projects such as schools, offices, residential housing, commercial buildings and more. One of their areas of expertise include the ability to estimate quanities of materials and estimate costs to keep within a given budget. Other tasks include the supervision of contractors on building sites, the ability to direct site managers about the given tasks to make sure that their is a high standard of performance all around.

Construction and Project Management
Our project management services involve good communication skills, initiative and great leadership abilities to make sure that their is always a high standard workrate within the construction site. Add to that our number 1 problem solving solutions to cap off a great overall service.